Intellectual Property Portfolio Assesment and Management

As changes in tax laws, licensing practices, merger and acquisition activities and litigation activities have increased, so to has the importance of accurate and defensible intellectual property valuation. As such, the valuation and management of Intellectual Property has been identified as a key strategic corporate asset. In today’s sophisticated business environment the competitive advantage of a company is usually directly related to a company’s Intellectual Property. Thus, the successful company is proactive in assessing and managing their IP assets. Having an understanding of a company’s IP assets can be critical when trying to perform sometimes necessary corporate activities, such as acquisition/merger due diligence, license negotiation preparation, IP donations or R&D planning and strategy development. Similarly, effective management of IP assets can increase a company’s bottom line by reducing losses to product counterfeiting and/or IP infringement.

Our firm can help enhance the competitive edge of a company by implementing effective IP asset valuation and management. We can assist our clients in the development of an IP strategy to take full advantage of their IP portfolio by identifying the best strategic opportunities to generate the most value.